Butter Chicken

We made this butter chicken from Mark’s Daily Apple. It’s fantastic! Family members who don’t like Indian food still love this. We made our version with coconut milk instead of cream. Most recipes recommend putting it over cauliflower rice, but honestly, I have been too lazy to make it, so I put this over anything… spaghetti squash, chopped zucchini, any leftover veggie mix. We also make extra, and freeze it in individual servings for later.



A Typical Dinner

We post our lunches, and our fun weekend cooking, I thought I’d post a typical dinner. We serve meat and veggies, and offer fruit as dessert. You can have as many veggie refills as you want, (with some parental limitations, of course, but they’re easy to say yes to). You typically earn more meat and fruit by eating more veggies. Generally a good plan! 🙂

typical dinner 1

Lunchbox #12

A Tale of Two Lunches, Part One

I’ve recently been assigning My Little Pony names to my girls, since they’re soooo in love with the ponies these days. And you know, My Little Pony is too scary for me. I actually think it’s got good and terrible parts. So why do I let them watch it? Well, they love it, and I’ve come to understand that it’s good for them to see something that’s not too scary for them, but has a little suspense and scary-ness, and learn to handle it. So we’ll watch it. And talk about what is good, and what is bad. We’ll work thorugh it together. Which is probably more productive than if I flat out said no. But anyway, my older is now Rarity-Dash, because she’s a cross between Rainbow Dash and Rarity. The younger is Pinkie Pie all the way. So that’s how I’m going to refer to them here. 🙂

That said, here is my tale of two lunches. We were experimenting with those snap pea crisps that you see in the stores. The girls didn’t like them, which I guess is good, because it turns out they’re really rice puffs.

Pinkie Pie’s lunch:


Rarity-Dash’s lunch:


I wish I could give Rarity-Dash a boiled egg and it would get eaten. I wish I could give Pinkie Pie a hot dog or sausage and it would get eaten. But that’s not our reality. But at least we have grapes and almonds in common!


We love Alton Brown’s Gazpacho. We’ve loved loved gazpacho since our trip to Spain where we got to enjoy such fabulous meals as this:


So we went on a quest to re-create the gazpacho served with our meals at this little restaurant in a small town in Spain. Alton Brown’s recipe is as close as it gets, but we add more tomato juice to make it smoother and less salsa-y.

Gazapcho 1 Gazpacho 2

Enjoy this yumminess! Or as our girls call it “daddy’s vegetable smoothie.”


Wacky Wednesday – two unrelated thoughts

The two unrelated thoughts have to do with change and bacon.

Change. Some of you may be wondering why we are transitioning our girls so slowly into a new way of eating. Can’t we just change it and they’ll get used to it? Well, you know we adopted them. Frequently, with adoption, come food issues. Have you ever had, or known someone who had food issues? Food is not just nourishment. There’s a level at which food, its content, and availability is deep and produces an emotional response within us. It goes to our very survival. So we’re not going to heap big quick change on two sweet girls who have already had a lot of change in their lives.

Now from the serious to the snarky…

Bacon. I was listening to the radio today and heard a car commercial talking about how hard it can be to ensure you’re making the right choices. I didn’t get to listen to the whole thing, because the first example they gave was: “should you have granola or bacon?” Immediately my brain screamed Bacon! Seriously? What kind of question is that?!? Now I know they meant for granola to be the right choice. But this is from the same stream of thought that gave us Sam Sandwich and his attack on essential minerals, I mean salt. How about we just eat real food, and salt it? If you’re really worried about salt, this method would get you less sodium than all that processed stuff anyway.




Lunchbox #10

Luncbox 10 is a food shapes experiment, part one. Is lunchmeat really yummier when it’s shaped like a flower? My very non scientific poll of one daughter will surely tell us the answer! 🙂

  • Leftover birthday fruit skewers
  • Veggie chips
  • Blueberries
  • Pickles
  • Ham flowers
  • Raspberries

Lunchbox #10

Healthy School Birthday Treats

So our school “discourages” (read: don’t do it) cupcakes and so on at school on birthdays. So I made these for my daughter’s birthday. But don’t be mislead, we had a big ol’ non-paleo cake on her birthday, with lots of non-paleo food at the party for her friends. I can see us doing a paleo friendly birthday in the future, with recipes non-paleo friends will love. But this year (1) we’re not far enough into our transition; and (2) this week was so ridiculously busy I’m almost surprised to have survived and come out the other side. So…. it just didn’t happen. Giving myself grace, and cutting myself some slack on this one!

But back to the school food. We made pineapple and strawberry straw skewers drizzled in dark chocolate. The trick here is to pre-skewer the pineapple with a real skewer, and fold the end of the straw to a point. They took longer than I anticipated, but were yummy and very pretty!

Strawberry Pineapple Skewers

Lunchbox #8

Do you have a kid who likes Lalaloopsy? If so, you’ll like this idea…just as our girls do! For dinner we make Pickle Burgers that have hamburger on pickle on hamburger. So the pickles are in the center, and the hamburger is where the bread would be. I call them Pickleburgers after the lalaloopsy pickleburgers and my girls love this!  We included leftover pickleburgers in today’s lunch. Of course, I was out of our little pickle slices, but these mini pickles pack better (less drippy) for lunch, so I may stick with them.

Pickle Burgers!

  • Squeezy fruit
  • Pickles
  • Hamburger pieces
  • Blueberries and strawberries
  • Kiwi