Cooking Saturday! (Brussels Sprouts)

Saturdays are for cooking and cleaning around here. Sundays are for Church and play and rest. With this being a long weekend, we got in more cooking on Monday too. I decided to finally try nomnompaleo’s  Brussels sprouts and bacon. These are fantastic! She says the balsamic is optional. You may agree, but after tasting it both ways I’d say the balsamic is mandatory!

Here is how we made it:

I got just a small package of Brussels sprouts, because I wasn’t sure I’d like the recipe. I’ll buy more next time!


Remove the stem and outer leaves, then cut them in half. Save the leaves.


Pour your melted fat over the Brussels sprouts

pour in fat

Spread them in the pan and sprinkle with diced bacon. I use my kitchen shears to cut up almost anything. Kid size chicken pieces? Bacon bits?  Chopped with scissors. I know, it’s not good cutting technique. But it does a great job, and only dirties one item, not two.


Next, place them in a 400 degree oven. I salted them first (because I salt everything) but you don’t have to. I also put the rest of the bacon in there for some extra Bakin’ Bacon!


This is the finished product. It was so super sweet once I drizzled a little good balsamic vinegar on top! We have two kinds of balsamic in our house. One that we use mixing marinades and so on, and another that is a higher quality for dipping. Obviously, the dipping one is what I used here.


Since I already had a dirty pan, butter coated bowl,  a hot oven, and a pile of Brussels sprout leaves, I also made her Brussels sprout chips. I sprinkled a third with Hungarian paprika, a third with curry, and a third with Hawaiian pink sea salt. They were also super yummy. I don’t have a favorite among the flavors – they were all good!






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