Wacky Wednesday: Stuff…

Stuff I don’t understand:

  • What you want me to do when it’s time to spring forward/fall back with regard to my clock.
  • What you want me to do when you ask me to turn the air conditioning up or down. Up = Cooler? Warmer? Argh!
  • What you want me to do when you say to pull to the first drive-through window. The first at the front of the store? Or the first I come to? Please number them! At least with Stage Right and Stage Left we know what it means!

Stuff I’ve thought:

  • Oh, cool, Doc McStuffins is on! I wonder if it’s a new one? (I was alone…)
  • Hmmm…I wonder if they have those Hello Kitty shoes in my size?
  • Yes yes, please behave so we can go to the playplace today, and I don’t have to take it away. I really love the playplace!

Kid words I know:

  • If you ask for macaroni, I’ll know you mean pepperoni.
  • If you ask to eat velcro, I’ll know you mean okra.
  • If you ask for bisteak, or say you have a kaprise, I’ll know that I’ll be likely saying yes to steak, or there will be a surprise coming. I hope it’s a good one!

Kid TV:

  • Is mostly pretty good. (Except for the bad stuff)
  • I really like Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, because the Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood characters are all grown up,and are the parents.
  • Dora is nasally, self righteous, has a demonic backpack, and is just annoying.
  • But I’ll pick Dora any day over Wonderpets. Who will rob your will to live.
  • My Little Pony is too scary for me.
  • I still like watching Strawberry Shortcake,  and Frozen, but don’t tell anybody.

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