Healthy School Birthday Treats

So our school “discourages” (read: don’t do it) cupcakes and so on at school on birthdays. So I made these for my daughter’s birthday. But don’t be mislead, we had a big ol’ non-paleo cake on her birthday, with lots of non-paleo food at the party for her friends. I can see us doing a paleo friendly birthday in the future, with recipes non-paleo friends will love. But this year (1) we’re not far enough into our transition; and (2) this week was so ridiculously busy I’m almost surprised to have survived and come out the other side. So…. it just didn’t happen. Giving myself grace, and cutting myself some slack on this one!

But back to the school food. We made pineapple and strawberry straw skewers drizzled in dark chocolate. The trick here is to pre-skewer the pineapple with a real skewer, and fold the end of the straw to a point. They took longer than I anticipated, but were yummy and very pretty!

Strawberry Pineapple Skewers


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