Chicken Rolls (named by my kids)

We have a new cookbook – six ingredient recipes from Cooks Illustrated. These were the first thing we made from it. We altered the recipe slightly – I won’t post the recipe, as it’s not mine to post, but I can say what my changes were. I switched from chicken breasts to chicken thighs, and cut them into thirds, so I had smaller pieces of chicken to wrap. My girls loved this. Or as Rarity-Dash put it “mommy, this is the best most awesomest thing you’ve ever made ever! You should make this every night!” They voted to call them Chicken Rolls. This earned me cooking credibility with them. Now, it’s “oooh, mommy is cooking? I bet it will be the second most awesomest thing ever!” But this fantastic recipe turned the tide for us.

The book is full of great recipes that are surprisingly largely paleo (providing you ignore the pasta section). I’m planning to paleo-ize the recipes in this book and post my changes here. I’ve been Cooks Illustrated-ing for a long time now. I taught myself to cook using their magazine. But this particular book is currently one of my favorites. it’s a fantastic resource.





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