Sausage Lasagna

This Sausage Lasagna is from Against all Grain. Oh my. We loved it! Her blog is fanastic, as is this lasagna. My husband said “you should make lots of these and freeze them.” My kids, after protesting Against all New Flavors decided that it was yummy, but maybe with a different cheese. So we’ll experiment with that. She used a dairy free nut cheese. We’re less perfect with our dairy consumption. It’s limited, and we don’t drink cows milk, but do allow cheeses. So I’ll be searching for that right flavor cheese that makes it good for everyone.

Have you been craving a grain-free lasagna? Does the idea of zucchini “noodles” not thril you? Make this!!! It’s superb. I don’t post recipes if they’re not on someone’s blog and already publicly available. But if you love grain-free cooking, this cookbook is a good investment. It’s chock full of yummy!





3 thoughts on “Sausage Lasagna

    • It’s wasn’t really difficult, but maybe because we took a few shortcuts. The most time was spent making the “tortillas.” Here is an idea to split it up and divide the work (necessary when cooking with kids underfoot!) on multiple days. I would make the tortillas on day one, then cook the sausage and assemble the lasagana on day two. Also, we “cheated” with regular cheese and no-sugar-added pre-made marinara.

      While I love making my own sauce, for now, during this time of experimenting with changing our whole food lifestyle, I have enjoyed the convenience of jarred marinara. I then and add flavor (usually oregano, basil, and garlic, but use whatever your family likes). This made it easier and faster. Let me know how it turns out and if you have any tips to add!


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