Sandwich Pancakes

Technically these were to be Sandwich Waffles, but our waffle maker doesn’t handle our non-traditional waffles very well. So I turn Maria Emmerich’s waffles into pancakes. 🙂 Therefore any criticism can’t be attributed to the recipe, but potentially to my alterations, as these pancakes were tasty, but quite dry. And then it hit me – they were also thick,and could slice in half easily. They would make great bread, or pita pockets! Unfortnately, by the time I realized this, they were all gone (hey, I said they were tasty!), but I plan to make another batch, slice them in half lengthwise, and then turn them into pita pockets. Since the ham and cheese is in the shell, I’ll put moist and yummy ingredients in the middle, like mayo, lettuce, banana peppers, and (hopefully) yellow tomatoes. Oh, and thanks to Maria, we know why yellow tomatoes!




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