Lunchbox #16

I try not to post needlessly redundant lunchboxes (if you just said really??, then I’m sorry!), which is why I haven’t had a lunchbox in awhile. just because today my protein was ham, and tomorrow it is chicken, and the next day it will be leftover taco meat, well, that’s not all that interesting. But we recently made these barbecue bacon burgers from against all grain. The one in the post I lined to is slightly different than the one in the book. I’m not listing it here, because although it is available through a web search, it was not made available online by the author. The book is great and worth getting! But since I didn’t write the book, the recipe is not mine to give.

The only change I made to the recipe was to add some finely grated zucchini. I’ve started adding this to all recipes containing ground meats. It just makes them more moist, and adds some vitamins and minerals as well.

I almost forgot to tell you how yummy the burgers were! Notice that there’s only the leftover photo, and nothing of the original burgers? Um… by the time it occurred to me to photograph them, they were in our tummies. We only had leftovers because I made way too much (which you need to do when cooking grain free!). I would definitely make these, and freeze them raw, to have ready-to-go burgers on hand. I’ve done this with mini-meatloves and…hey! BBQ bacon mini meatloves would be a great variation on this recipe.

Lunchbox contents:




Grain Free Cereal

I can’t believe how long it’s been since our last post! Life got a little (LOT!) crazy there for awhile. But now as we head into Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’m sure it will slow down. 😉

We recently made Maria Emmerich’s cereals (which my girls call “mommy’s healthy cereal.” This is currently the only cereal available. They loved it for awhile and then decided to be done with cereal. No problem by me, they are downing her Super Power Waffles (or the way I make them, “Super Power Pancakes”). I hope to have a post on those up soon. But until then, if you have cereal loving kiddos, these are a great crunchy, sweet substitute.

This is her Franken Berry Cereal, and was objected to because it wasn’t “pink enough.” Now, I’d say that food color doesn’t matter, but every foodie would heartily disagree. And then I’d have to remember the time I followed the recipe (instead of the tweaking I usually do) and added the tomatoes, then the raw chicken to the sauce. You know what happened. Pink unappetizing looking chicken. I should have disobeyed the recipe, added and seared the chicken first, then added the tomatoes. But you get the point … you may need to add more “pink” depending on your food audience!

You can find all of Maria’s cereals here.