Nut-Free, Grain-Free Cupcakes!

In a search for a healthy afternoon snack I can send to the Preschool, where there are life-threatening nut allergies in the afternoon session, I tried these. It’s actually Maria Emmerich’s Red Velvet Cake turned into cupcakes and doughnuts. (Yes, I know, they’re not red. Clearly, we have issues measuring food coloring.) I found them to be delicious. For the doughnuts, I made her cream cheese frosting, and thinned it a bit with some coconut milk (so it could pipe through a small decorating tip). I then stuck the tip into the hot doughnuts and piped a bit of frosting into each doughnut as pictured below. I did the same for the cupcake, but placed a small amount only in the center. I then topped the cupcakes with the remaining frosting.

Although our memories of regular donughts and cupcakes are still too close for my girls to embrace these, we’ll get there. In the meantime, I’ve been loving these as a sweet breakfast treat! They’re so sweet, you’ll want and love a coffee with them.






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