Easy Paleo AIP Meals – pancetta wrapped… anything (almost)!

I was looking through some of my old recipes, and thought I’d change-up one of them, and re-post another. Obviously you’ll want to read the ingredient list of whatever brand you buy, but since The Paleo Mom uses pancetta & bacon in her AIP friendly recipes, I’m feeling pretty safe doing the same. 🙂

Take your meat of choice (chicken, fish, pork, whatever really) and wrap in bacon or pancetta. Sear it on high heat. Serve it next to your favorite AIP friendly veggies. Done. Both of these meals below can be on the table in under 20 minutes total. And that’s with kids present.

Pancetta wrapped cod (or other favorite mild fish):

  • Wrap your fish with pancetta (I should have bought more to do a complete wrap. See the picture and you’ll know what I mean)
  • Sear it in a hot pan with 1t of your favorite oil (if necessary or desired… my T-fal pans with the red dot don’t need any oil when cooking something that tends to make its own grease, like bacon, beef, whatever) then place it in the oven for a few minutes if it’s not already cooked through (ours was).
  • Eat

I served this with asparagus, but it would have been great with any veggie, including some squash if you want to get some AIP friendly carbs in there.

Pancetta Wrapped Cod
Pancetta wrapped chicken

I previously didn’t post this recipe, but it’s so removed from the original version that I think I’m okay to do so.

    • Cut chicken into small pieces (whatever size you like), I chose about 1″ x 2″
    • Cut pancetta into strips, and wrap around chicken
    • Sear in hot pan, flip to sear each side of the chicken
    • Place on a foil lined cookie sheet, and finish in oven for about 5 -8 minutes
    • Check one of your bigger chicken pieces for doneness
    • Eat alongside your favorite paleo AIP veggies. If following the picture or the other recipe I have posted on here, omit the green beans, and substitute something else. I love sage and pancetta together, so I fried some sage in a little oil, and placed that on top.




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