Fed Up

I know I haven’t posted in forever, but we’ve had a lot going on! The two year old tankless hot water heater exploded, flooding the house. I haven’t had an oven since march, and my cooking-spiration has been way down. This led to an increased dependence on convenience foods, until one day I realized I was allowing foods that are affecting my kids’ health. So I had one of those “fed up” moments. You know the ones…where you’re just “done”? Well I was “done” with our crackers, and chips, and “I’m not hungry” when the healthy stuff is offered, but as soon as we’re on the road without it? “Waaahhhh! I’m STARVING!!!!!” So no more. I am back on track. And we might still use convenience foods (still no oven!) but at least they’ll be meats, fruits, or veggies!

So how do you do a sudden change like this… honestly, I expected more of a push back than I received. I decided that Sunday is a day of rest, so crackers and a treat or two will be allowed on Sundays. Otherwise, I have a great answer for why you can’t have goldfish today. “Because it’s not Sunday.” It was a rule that made sense, they could understand, and it gave them something to plan for. “Mommy, on Sunday, can we…..” [Important safety tip: Decide in advance how many treats you’ll have on “treat Sunday” or it’ll be total and complete sugar chaos. Not that we did that, or anything… 😉 ]

The other thing is…my kids are older now. The picky eater who really would have starved herself to death had I insisted on certain foods? She eats now. I used to joke (sort of!) that she was opposed to all food. But now we can go out, and she needs to order her own meal. It only took 5.5 years 😉 So I’m ready to say “if you’re really hungry, you’ll eat that…(carrot, cucumber, red pepper, whatever).” And she does…or doesn’t, but at least she stays at a healthy weight!

I thought I photographed way more than I did…maybe some things are on my phone… but here is “Fed Up” lunchbox #1. They ate it happily. None of what’s in here is novel in the Paleo world. It’s just that my cracker and chip loving kids ate it without complaint. Those will come, but they didn’t on this day. Obviously, if you’re dairy-free paleo, you’ll want to tweak this somewhat.

  • Red Pepper Strips
  • Mini pepperoni in heart cup
  • Broccoli and cauliflower
  • Grapes
  • Turkey/cheese rollups
  • Ranch dressing

Fed Up 1


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