As we were getting ready to start Kindergarten and Pre-K this fall, I was scouring blogs and Pintrest for inspiration for my kids’ soon to be grain-free lunchboxes. I want them to have healthy and interesting lunches to keep them “full and focused” (cereal snark) during the day at school. I planned to be posting our recipes and pictures of our lunches for those of you who want one more source for keeping your kids healthy at school.

But then reality set in… we were Paleo before becoming parents. But we adopted our girls at ages 2 and 4, and well… we were just happy to have food (any food!) in people’s bellies! Add to that, our kids had ideas about “acceptable foods” long before they met us. So yes, we felt better eating Paleo, and we want to get back there, it’s not going to happen overnight. So I thought maybe it would be interesting for folks new to the Paleo lifestyle to watch as we transition two kiddos (now 4 and 6) from pancake loving, chip craving, avocado avoiding kids, to full Paleo eaters.

We’ll be having lots of compromise foods, and lots of transition, and maybe a tear or two. But they love bacon and butter, which is a good foundation from which to start. And I love them, and want them to get the best nutrition possible.


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