Lunchbox #15

We have two new things in this week’s lunchbox: “mommy’s healthy cereal” and gateway carrots. First, the cereal. It’s again from Maria Emmerich, and can be found here. The only change we made was to use vanilla, rather than blueberry, extract. It’s a big hit with my oldest kid who has the biggest appetite. Also, we’ve discovered a love for the carrot “shakedowns.” Yes, yes, I know…these aren’t a great choice. But they’re just gateway carrots. You’ve heard of gateway drugs? Well, we have gaeway carrots. Once they’re hooked, I’ll introduce “mommy’s shakedowns” with my version (yet to be developed!) of the ranch shaker.

In this lunchbox we have:




Lunchbox #14

For lunchbox #14 our main dish is leftover awesomeness. I found this fabulous blog. I’m so excited to start cooking her recipes! Grain free goldfish and graham crackers? Sign me up! No more snack arguments…my problem has just turned into a yes. Yes you can have goldfish (that I make), Yes, you can have cupcakes (that I make), Yes you can have graham crackers (that I make). If you haven’t bought her eBook for kids…you should!!!

We made her enchilada casserole, and my oldest loved it so much it got included in lunch. Yum yum yum. This thing is fabulous. And I learned something. You have to get to the fourth ingredient on a package of taco spices to locate an actual spice. Um… let’s make our own. And her taco spice recipe is also super yummy!

So today’s lunchbox:

  • Banana
  • Leftover enchilada casserole
  • Plum
  • Veggie chips


Lunchbox #13

Lunchbox #13 was enhanced by my recent chicken rolls success! The only fail here was the plum. Um… it needs to be in its own container in order to make it to lunchtime, and not come back home mashed and mangled in the back of the lunchbox (which I then get to scrub clean). 🙂

  • Almonds & pistachios
  • Grapes
  • Bananas
  • Leftover chicken rolls (proscuitto wrapped chicken thighs)
  • Plantain chips
  • Plum



A Typical Dinner

We post our lunches, and our fun weekend cooking, I thought I’d post a typical dinner. We serve meat and veggies, and offer fruit as dessert. You can have as many veggie refills as you want, (with some parental limitations, of course, but they’re easy to say yes to). You typically earn more meat and fruit by eating more veggies. Generally a good plan! 🙂

typical dinner 1

Lunchbox #12

A Tale of Two Lunches, Part One

I’ve recently been assigning My Little Pony names to my girls, since they’re soooo in love with the ponies these days. And you know, My Little Pony is too scary for me. I actually think it’s got good and terrible parts. So why do I let them watch it? Well, they love it, and I’ve come to understand that it’s good for them to see something that’s not too scary for them, but has a little suspense and scary-ness, and learn to handle it. So we’ll watch it. And talk about what is good, and what is bad. We’ll work thorugh it together. Which is probably more productive than if I flat out said no. But anyway, my older is now Rarity-Dash, because she’s a cross between Rainbow Dash and Rarity. The younger is Pinkie Pie all the way. So that’s how I’m going to refer to them here. 🙂

That said, here is my tale of two lunches. We were experimenting with those snap pea crisps that you see in the stores. The girls didn’t like them, which I guess is good, because it turns out they’re really rice puffs.

Pinkie Pie’s lunch:


Rarity-Dash’s lunch:


I wish I could give Rarity-Dash a boiled egg and it would get eaten. I wish I could give Pinkie Pie a hot dog or sausage and it would get eaten. But that’s not our reality. But at least we have grapes and almonds in common!

Lunchbox #8

Do you have a kid who likes Lalaloopsy? If so, you’ll like this idea…just as our girls do! For dinner we make Pickle Burgers that have hamburger on pickle on hamburger. So the pickles are in the center, and the hamburger is where the bread would be. I call them Pickleburgers after the lalaloopsy pickleburgers and my girls love this!  We included leftover pickleburgers in today’s lunch. Of course, I was out of our little pickle slices, but these mini pickles pack better (less drippy) for lunch, so I may stick with them.

Pickle Burgers!

  • Squeezy fruit
  • Pickles
  • Hamburger pieces
  • Blueberries and strawberries
  • Kiwi

Lunchbox #7

Here is luncbox #7! We’re back on track with:

Lunchbox #7

  • Boiled egg
  • Blackberry & raspberry mix
  • Blueberries
  • Apples
  • Pistachios & spicy almonds

You may wonder at the lack of consistent veggies in their lunches. We’re working on it, but the fact is they always come home uneaten. But they happily eat them at dinner. So lunch tends to be fruit heavy and dinner is veggie heavy. As long as it’s balanced throughout the day, I’m fine with it in theory. What needs to change is their willingness to eat veggies in my absence. Oddly enough, Barbie helped me out here. My oldest came downstairs after watching a Barbie movie on TV and said “mommy, do carrots really help your eyes?” Me: “Yes, honey, they do.” Her: “Can I have a carrot?” Um…. yeah… (thought: last week carrots were the “most discusting thing ever…” *keeps thought to self*)

Lunchbox #6

Again, a mix of our fruit, nut, and healthy veggie chip options, with leftover Flat Chicken with Potatoes.

This Flat Chicken meal is amazing. So good that I forgot to photograph it…we were too busy eating. Essentially, you take a broiler pan, line the bottom part with foil, and slice potatoes of your choice, and layer them on the foil. We chose Hanna Japanese Sweet Potatoes. Then place the slatted pan on top of the potato filled bottom. Then put a brined and mostly butterflied (at least, back cut out) chicken on top. You can jazz up the chicken however you like… herb butter under the skin, spices, nothing, whatever! Then cook for an hour at 425. Voila! Beautiful juicy chicken, and yummy chicken juice filled potatoees. As my 4 year old said tonight at dinner: “simply divine!”

I’ll try to remember to take pictures of it next time and add the links 🙂

Lunchbox #6:


  • Spicy almonds (they love the habernero bbq)
  • Pistachios
  • Veggie chips
  • Roasted Japanese Hannah sweet potatoes
  • Flat chicken pieces
  • Berry mix (she insisted she needed what was on the raspberry package: a mix of raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and strawberies)
  • Peaches