What’s Going on Here?

Welcome to our Paleo journey. About two years ago, we were eating Paleo and feeling so much better physically. But we were missing one thing…we were waiting for our family. We were waiting foster/adopt parents. And then one day, the call came and our kids came home to be ours forever…and turned our lives upside down. And we were (are!) so glad for it. At that time we were just happy that the people in our family were fed, clothed, and clean. Small, but huge goals at the time. So we went from cooking this (Chateaubriand and dairy free crab bisque):



to me saying “I don’t care what we eat, just get food for the kids!”

But it’s been awhile. And we’re more settled. The adults are ready to eat healthfully again. We just need to drag the kids along. On the up side, we immediately replaced the cookies, cakes, and so on that our kids were used to eating, and gave them fresh fruit and vegetables instead. By the way, for a kid who eats and eats compulsively, this is a great tactic. Yes, you can eat all of the carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and berries you want. We need to say “no” to more and more SAD (standard American diet) foods. Fruits and veggies? Yes yes yes. Now to add in fats and lots of protein.

Please join us as we transition. We will have lots of compromises (with alternate Paleo suggestions for your benefit), and if you’re transitioning your kids too, perhaps this adventure will be helpful to you.

Oh, and we don’t have a planetbox, or anything swanky like that. We’ve got sistema containers, some new My Bento Box thingey (because it’s pink) and Disney’s Frozen lunchboxes. I don’t know if this makes us more or less “pin worthy,” it just is the way it is. Shikataganai.

Finally, and most importantly, we’re a Christian family, we believe that God made all foods good for us and our consumption, but as a result of the fall and through micro-evolution (not macro-evolution… go research, they’re different!) there are some foods that our bodies currently don’t handle as well as others. We’re excitedly awaiting the day Jesus comes back to claim His Church, and rids us of all sin, boo boos, allergies, and food intolerances.


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